One of the hardest parts of planning an event is finding the best staff. Whether you are in need of waitstaff or a variety of event professionals for an important client, going through an agency is always the best choice. [1] Here’s why:

They are the experts: Staffing agencies are experts at hiring the right people. They recommend people based on their skills, experience and other relevant areas to best represent your brand and meet your needs.

Mitigate no-shows. Staffing agencies have a database of candidates that they have screened prior to your need for them. They can easily and quickly find a backup, if necessary, to make your next event a smash! [3]

It saves you time. Planning an event can be very stressful and incredibly time-consuming. Not only will you need to budget your time and money wisely to interview and review each possible candidate, but you will have to do this all while taking care of the rest of the responsibilities that accompany event planning.

Event Staffing – Extra Information [2]

The training is done for you. Training is incredibly frustrating and stressful. It is incredibly important that your team is all on the same page the day of the event. Staffing agencies acquire the right people and take on the costs and headache of training them as necessary. [4]

It saves you money. Staffing agencies can significantly reduce and potentially eliminate the cost of having to perform the responsibilities that you would if you hired them as an employee. These duties include, but are not limited to screening, recruiting, testing, and processing payroll. [5]

The bottom line is this: whether you’re looking for a small group of experienced waitstaff or an entire team of professionals, it is paramount that you hire the right people to execute your goals. Entrepreneur Magazine explains that this is is becoming common practice among more companies than just event planning services, “Employers are using staffing firms to fill job openings instead of hiring people directly.” [6]

The Staffing Co.’s commitment to finding the most-qualified candidates is the key to making your next event go as smoothly as you dreamed.

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